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Flirting tips quiz / test

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Do you need flirting tips? Want to know how much of a flirt you are? Answer these 8 questions and we'll give you a flirt-score and some tips on how best to flirt.

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1 - Which of the following flirting techniques do you use most often?
Prolonged eye contact... It's all in the eyes. But only when I have a crush!
Lots of smiles is my way to attract attraction.
Closer-than normal. Breaking down the personal space barriers and moving close with body-language.

2 - When you're socialising what is your top priority
Checking out the girls / boys / men /women in the bar.
Making small-talk with strangers.
Socializing with friends and having a laugh.

3 - Do you flirt when your boyfriend / girlfriend / wife / husband is with you?
All the time. I am an outrageous flirt.
Sometimes, if I'm in a bad mood and we've fallen out a bit.
Only if I really fancy the person.

4 - If you were asked for flirting advice, what would you give?
Keep it subtle.
Just act natural and friendly, especially if you're a bit shy.
Think of the social butterfly and try to imitate it.

5 - Would you ever use pick-up lines while flirting?
Sometimes, if I thought the situation was right.
Yes I'm a guy, I've got to have hope, right?

6 - Where do you do the most flirting?
In the office; office romances are my thing.
In a club. When the lights are low and I'm feeling good.
Social situations.

7 - Have you ever got carried away with your flirtiing?
I've started with what I wanted to be some cheeky flirting and ended up in bed with the other person on the same night before!
No, never I am a model of self control, cool and calm.
People probably think I'm a bit of a tease.

8 - Have you ever flirted with a best friend's boyfriend or girlfriend?
Yes, they're free game.
Only for fun.
I've fallen out with friends because of this.

I am: Female